The Chosen Online Daters: JewDate – The Web Series

Noah, the protagonist of the JewDate - The Web Series

Noah, the protagonist of the JewDate – The Web Series

We’ve all been there- or at least contemplated it.  Online dating.  Jewish online dating.  Who doesn’t know at least one couple that met through OK Cupid or Jdate?  In the past few years, online dating has gone from being taboo to socially acceptable, even encouraged.  But online dating doesn’t come easy, there are mismatches and awkward moments galore (or so I’m told…).  It was only a matter of time before a truly awesome web series was created about the Jewish online experience.

JewDate, a new web series, chronicles the highs and lows ( a lot of lows) of Jewish online dating as it follows, “A young man’s perilous quest to find his soul-mate through online dating.”  Signed up for “JewDate” by his best friend to help him get over a girl who has friend-zoned him, NJB Noah navigates through his fair share of dates-gone-wrong.  While the dates are hyperbolic, anyone who has been on a set up, online, or blind date can identify with Noah.  Refreshingly, the series does not rely on tired Jewish stereotypes for its humor.

In addition, all music included in the web series is featured on the JewDate website.  You can also follow the series on Facebook.

Only four episodes have been posted so far so we’ll have to wait and see if Noah finds his b’sheret.

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