Jewish Girl of the Week – Susan

Susan1Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Susan: The love of cold weather.  Not quite.  Being from Atlanta, I had no plans to move up north.  However, after staffing a trip to Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Israel…BBYO Passport, the travel arm of BBYO, offered me a full time position in DC.  After getting back to the states, I packed my car and drove up to DC.  A large U-haul followed a few months later.

Rachel: So what exactly do you do for BBYO Passport?
Susan: I work as a Program Manager with the BBYO Passport team.  What is BBYO Passport?  Glad you asked, its the leader for Jewish teen travel.  This year, I focused on March of the Living, a Holocaust Remembrance journey.  Right now, we’re gearing up for our summer programs that span 16 countries.  I’m excited that I’ll be staffing one of our Europe programs traveling to England, France, Holland, and Belgium.  PUMPED to say the least.

Rachel: So you’ve traveled a lot.  What was your favorite country?Susan4
Susan: Traveling is definitely a passion of mine.  Can’t say I have a favorite country, but a few of my favorite experiences have included living in Italy for a summer, backpacking in Australia & Fiji, being in the most intense traffic jam in India, and spending a month on an Eco-farm in Costa Rica.

Rachel: We heard you attend a lot of music festivals.  Which ones are you looking forward to?
Susan: LOVE MUSIC!  I’ve been to a bunch of one day festivals and weekend ones… Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores BAMA (3 times), Bonnaroo in TN, Chicago’s Lollapalooza, Atlanta’s Music Midtown (4 times), and Governors Ball in NY to name a few.  On my list in the future is: Coachella in CA, Sasquatch in Washington State, and Electric Forest in Michigan.

Rachel: What is your favorite Jewish food?
Susan: There’s two: my Bubbie’s salt & pepper kugel AND Mama Sloan’s Coca-Cola Brisket!

Rachel: Who is the coolest Jew?
Susan: Who isn’t the coolest being a Jew?  We are the chosen people.

Rachel: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…
Susan: There’s a line for the buffet.

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