Arrested Development Season 4- THIS WEEKEND!

adIf you’re like me, you’ve been counting down the days until Arrested Development Season 4 finally hits Netflix.  AD has at times played with Jewish motifs (most notably, George Bluth Sr.’s conversion after seeing a shadow in the shape of a Star of David in solitary confinement).  In honor of AD’s new release 7 years in the making, here are a few of the Jews involved in the making of the show:

Mitchell Hurwitz – Writer and Producer (also a Georgetown alum!)
Jessica Walter – Lucille Bluth ( I don’t understand the question, I won’t respond to it.)
David Cross – Tobias Fünke (I blue myself!)
Jeffery Tambor – George Bluth Sr. (There’s always money in banana stand, knk knk.)
Bob Einstein – Larry Middleman, George Bluth Sr.’s surrogate
Jeff Garlin – Mort Meyers, the Tantamount Studios executive that believe Maeby to be older than she is
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Maggie Lizer, the “blind” and “pregnant” lawyer that Michael has a relationship with
James Lipton – Stefan Gentiles, the warden of the Orange County Prison (NO TOUCHING) where George Sr. is held
Henry Winkler – Barry Zuckerkorn, the Bluth’s incompetent lawyer
Seth Rogan – Young George Sr. in season 4!

Some of  these characters are a bit obscure if you’re not an AD fan, so here’s the AD wiki to help you study up in the time for the fourth season.  And here’s a supercut of the 18 Best Running Jokes (unless you’re…chicken).

Happy watching!

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  1. Chloe
    Chloe says:

    Pretty sure JLD isn’t Jewish (she’s even made jokes about how everyone thinks she is, but she’s not). And Tambor might be a Scientologist.

  2. Rachel Giattino
    Rachel Giattino says:

    JLD’s paternal grandfather was Jewish (though you’re right, in traditional Judaism she would not be considered Jewish).

    Tambor grew up in a conservative Jewish household. While he did dabble in Scientology, he has stated that he is no longer associated with it.


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