Jewish Girl of the Week – Rachel

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Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Rachel: I came to DC to study anthropology at GW, and I haven’t really left, except for two short stints living abroad (Senegal in college, and Thailand as a volunteer with the American Jewish World Service).  Who could leave DC with this many free museums and festivals?

Rachel: We heard you co-chaired Yachad’s Grown-up Field Day.  What was that like?
Rachel: Field Day was a blast!  We had a great turnout, and had a lot of fun with goofy challenges like “Soapy Skeeball” where people tossed water balloons into buckets.  We raised a lot of money for Yachad’s programs, which will all go towards future repair projects, including one coming up this fall at Marie Reed– where the event was held.  I just wish I had put on more sun screen!

with chrisRachel: You just became the new Director of Engagement at Adas Israel. What will you be doing?
Rachel: I’m wearing a lot of hats in my new position at Adas, but a big one is continuing to build our successful Young Professional program.  We have 200-300 people each time Shir Delight meets, and we have a lot of plans in the works for new events and ways to build the community.  Come check us out sometime!  I’ll save you a seat.

Rachel: What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
Rachel: Sukkot, but only when the weather is nice.  I love eating outside with friends and seeing all the neat things people do with their sukkahs.  We’re in a tiny apartment now, but someday, we’ll have space for a sukkah.  Someday.

Rachel: What is your favorite Jewish food?
Rachel: Hamentashen and just about any dessert at the end of a shabbat meal, whether it’s brownies at Shir Delight, or Ben and Jerry’s at home.

Rachel: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…
Rachel: …the noshes disappear.

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