Jewish Guy of the Year – Joe’s Acceptance Speech

GTJ Goty photo 2Shalom  l’culam! Hello Gather The Jews!

It has been an awesome and incredible honor to be selected by you guys as Gather the Jews Jewish Guy of the Year.  GTJ is an incredible organization that has helped make young adult Jewish life in DC vibrant, easily accessible, and remarkably fun.

In the Purim story, from where GTJ’s name is drawn, the phrase “Go Gather the Jews” is not said as a question, as a polite request, or as a side comment.  It is instead a command, one that I think GTJ takes to heart as a raison d’etre (reason for existence) in consistently pushing the envelope of how to make young Jewish life in DC better in every way.  They deserve massive kudos for the incredible work that they’ve done – and I think that we all can help them by doing it too.

This imperative is something that I believe we all should take on.  Each of us can further the work of Gather the Jews ourselves through relaxed Shabbat potlucks, shared Israel activism, and finding  our own rewarding and rejuvenating way to gather our friends and be active in Jewish DC.  I strive for these goals myself and will do my best to continue that striving and to live up to the “Jewish Guy of the Year” title.

Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to seeing you around – this Friday at Shir Delight?  or Shavuot at 6th & I?  or the next Israel-related happy hour?  So many events, so many options, so many Jews, so little time.  May our problems always be so awesome.

kol tov (all the best),


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