GTJ Welcomes DJ to the DC Jewish Young Professional Community!

dj pink guitar headshotDJ is Aish DC‘s new Director of Marketing and Programs.  GTJ interviewed DJ to learn a little more about her and Aish DC.

Rachel: Are you new to DC?
DJ: Not exactly…I actually grew up in Potomac.  Although, it’s definitely a little strange being back here…especially because I don’t recognize anything!

Rachel: We heard that you’ve worked in Jewish communities in New York, Connecticut,  Atlanta, and Baltimore.  Can you tell us more about that?  Are there a lot of Jews in Atlanta?
DJ: I have moved just about every three years for the last ten or so…not on purpose, it just turned out that way.  I was in New York for six years with a one-year break in Connecticut to work for NCSY, an international youth organization.  While I was in New York I ran events for a beginners program on the Upper East Side, mostly working with adults.  I really missed working with teens though, so I jumped at an opportunity to work with that demographic down in Atlanta.  I literally hopped on a plane and went down there; it was a little spontaneous, but I loved it.  Atlanta isn’t a huge community but it’s certainly substantial, and growing.  I made a lot of connections while I was there– I was sad to leave, but it was time to move on.  Socially speaking, there weren’t a lot of young professionals, plus I wanted to be closer to my family.

Rachel: So you’re working for AISH DC.  What is AISH DC?
DJ: Aish DC is a organization geared towards young professionals and families in the Greater DC area.  Whether you’re looking to deepen your existing Jewish knowledge, or you just want to connect with other people from the Jewish community, we invite you to come to any of our events!

Rachel: What kinds of programs does Aish DC run?  Where can we go for more information about Aish?
DJ: Our Young Professionals program holds weekly get-togethers and discussions on Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, prayer, relationships, leadership – you name it, we most likely will cover that topic!  In addition, we host monthly Shabbat meals.  At this time, we are in the middle of planning a variety of events – such as speakers, a series of outdoor events, a high-end cooking competition, and much more.

You can get more information about our programs at, and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@aishdcyoungpros) for updates and announcements.

Rachel: What are you most excited for as a member DC Jewish community?
DJ: It’s truly amazing how many opportunities there are on any given night here in DC.  I am honestly just looking forward to taking advantage of all of the classes and opportunities that abound!

Rachel: Most importantly, what is your favorite Jewish food?
DJ: I love a good bowl of cholent–but I’m really picky!  People add so many extra things–weird vegetables and sauces.  Just keep it simple and you can’t go wrong!

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  1. Allyson
    Allyson says:

    Mazal tov, Devora Jaye! Do you remember that you get credit for sending me to my first ever Tisha B’Av observance? That led to my observing the next 12 months of all Jewish occasions. Here I am still following that calendar and everything else from the Torah all these years later. That article cannot say enough about the impact you have on people.

  2. Austin
    Austin says:

    Woo, Mazel Tov DJ! DJ is an amazing woman who has taught me so much about Judaism, relationships, compassion, and love–plus how to cook incredible food! She’s incredible and deserves every honor like this. Made my day to see this!


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