Gather the Jews is now a project of GW Hillel

gatherthejewsbuttonGather the Jews is proud to announce that we have found a new home with GW Hillel.  GW Hillel will provide GTJ with the support, structure, and guidance it needs to continue to thrive.

While GW Hillel is a college organization, the mission, values, and goals of GTJ will not change. We are still an organization for Jews in their 20’s and 30’s, providing the resources and opportunities needed to connect to the DC Jewish community. However, as a project of GW Hillel, GTJ can enhance its ability to serve the 20’s and 30’s community.

Additionally, under GW Hillel, Rachel Giattino will continue on as the Director of Gather the Jews.

Rabbi Yoni Kaiser-Blueth, Executive Director of GW Hillel, is excited to work with Gather the Jews:

I’m often asked what my vision is for GW Hillel, what are my hopes for our student body, and my answer is simple: My goal is for our students to take ownership of their Jewish journeys, to become the architects of their Jewish identities.  For each of these students, this means something different; the key is to meet them where they are, genuinely and authentically creating relationships with them.  The bottom line, in my role as Executive Director of GW Hillel, I believe we exist to help build people, not organizations.  

We are excited to announce the absorption of Gather the Jews, the première Jewish young professional organization of the metro DC area into GW Hillel.  The exciting part of this merger and new collaboration is that not much changes with my stated vision – only that now we are in the position to help young Jews beyond their college years build their Jewish confidence and hone their Jewish identities.  We are eager to think strategically about what it means to be a DC Jew in 2013, what is the profile of an empowered and engaged Jew, and what does community look like. 

Gather the Jews would not be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of Aaron Wolff.  Since the founding of GTJ, Aaron has worked tirelessly to build an organization that bridges the gap between young adults and the Jewish community.  As Gather the Jews continues to grow under GW Hillel, we’re excited that Aaron will remain involved as an advisor.

Furthermore, GW Hillel and Gather the Jews would like to thank Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies and the Friedman-French Foundation, whose generous grant has made GTJ’s partnership with GW Hillel possible.  We are also excited that Simone Friedman Rones, President of EJF Philanthropies and GW Alum ’95 CCAS, has joined the GW Hillel board.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, or if you would like to be added to the GTJ volunteer listserv, please email

Gather on!

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