How You Can Help Metro DC Holocaust Survivors

JSSA (Jewish Social Service Agency), the primary provider of safety-net services for the metro DC Holocaust survivor community for nearly 20 years, has created a video focused on community awareness and the critical need to raise funds to support this vulnerable population.

How you can help:        

  • Donate to Holocaust Survivor Program
  • Promote this video by sharing the link with friends, family and colleagues
    • “Like” the video on YouTube
    • Share the video on Facebook
    • Use the hashtags #ISeeThem #HolocaustSurvivorProgram on Twitter
    • Post the video on your blog
  • Become a community partner: Contact Shira Oler
    •  Please let JSSA know of any efforts or successes you experience so that the organization can properly thank you on its website, on Facebook, and through Twitter.
  • Collect funds or Giant Gift Cards
  • Learn more about the Holocaust Survivor Program: Educational Material

Why your help is needed:

JSSA supports several hundred increasingly frail survivors annually – many of whom are ill and require financial assistance.  As the Holocaust survivor population ages, JSSA is experiencing an unprecedented increase in applications for basic safety net services including personal care, homemaker, health, social services, and financial assistance. As a result, JSSA is currently experiencing a need that is outpacing available funding.

In addition, major changes in Claims Conference (CC) funding eligibility criteria, changing demographics, and the downturn in the economy have all contributed to this critical situation.

Many articles have been published about JSSA’s Holocaust Survivor Program by the Washington Jewish Week, Jewish Federation’s Connector, and more.

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