Are You Destined to be an International Singing Sensation?

singingSo you can think you can sing (and you’re Jewish and between the ages of 18 and 30)?  Then prove it.  The Hallelujah-Global Jewish singing contest is now open, so submit your entry today.

Hallelujah is much more than a singing contest.  It is a 19 days program that takes young Jewish adults through a musical journey in Israel.  It’s like an American Idol with a twist of Birthright!  Hallelujah aims to reach Jewish populations spread around the world and unite them to Israel through one simple thing: Israeli music.

The Hallelujah 2012 Contest was a great success and the winner, Evan Malach from Canada, recorded a duet with a known Israeli singer, Dudu Fisher.  Take a quick look into the 2012 program in Israel watching the “Hallelu Hallujah” clip, featuring the 2012 participants, Evan Malach and Dudu Fisher.

To learn more, visit Hallelujah’s website, Facebook, or Youtube.

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  1. Jeff Rivera
    Jeff Rivera says:

    I this is the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. This appears to be a really unique singing competition, which is rooted in history, tradition and culture. It becomes even more interesting that contestants from around the world are taken to a musical journey through Israel. So we can safely say that young people from around the world are getting once in a life time opportunity to reconnect musically with the land of their ancestors and prophets.

    But one thing I would like to know, will contestants have to sing in Hebrew only? because there is a strong possibility that there are might be many contestants who might not be well versed with their divine language.

  2. Deborah Laks
    Deborah Laks says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for your interest in Hallelujah and the lovely way you expressed the work of the project. Participants which are chosen to take part in the Hallelujah contest are required to sing in Hebrew yet this is a challenge which they are prepared for in advance through Hebrew classes, vocal lessons and rehearsals. Our experience has shown us that the challenge is welcomed by all the participants and they are able to overcome the difficulties with great success. Please visit the Hallelujah YouTube channel to see past participants singing their song live:


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