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Aaron: What brought you to DC?
Sara: I am originally from the DC area, and I moved to Atlanta for college.  I then decided to move back here for graduate school!  I earned my Master’s in social work last May from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, and I am now working at a non-profit organization in Bethesda.  I love helping others, so social work was the perfect calling for me.  I especially enjoy working with kids, and I hope to have my own private psychotherapeutic practice one day.

Aaron: Since you’re from this area, what are a couple of your favorite spots that everyone should try?
Sara: On a nice day, Great Falls is a great spot to hike or have a picnic.  The scenery is so beautiful.  It’s hard to believe you aren’t too far from a major city!  Another hidden treasure is Carmen’s Italian Ice and Cafe in Rockville.  They have Italian ice and custard, which they put together to make a gelati.  They also have pies, coffee, and blended drinks.  It is so tasty and a great place to grab a sweet treat!

GTJ Picture 3Aaron: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Sara: I would love to travel to Italy.  I want to see all of the famous artwork and learn about the history of the country.  I want to taste authentic Italian pizza and pasta!

Aaron: What kind of music do you like?
Sara: I am a die hard country music fan.  My favorite artist is Brad Paisley.  I have seen him in concert 3 times!  I have always wondered if any country artists need a therapist…Believe me I would be the first to jump on that opportunity!  I am always looking for new friends to venture to country concerts with during the summer concert season.

Aaron: What is your favorite thing about the DC Jewish community?
Sara: I love that there are so many different options.  In one weekend, you could attend a Shabbat dinner, a social event, and a community service event.  There is something for everyone!

Aaron: Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Sara: Friday nights for me are all about taking a break from the week.  You can either find me at a Shabbat dinner or having a chill night with my friends.

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