Jewish Girl of the Week – Dana

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Aaron: What brought you to DC?
Dana: A Chimpanzee and a t-shirt: The first time I moved to DC, I came to work for the Jane Goodall Institute, an organization that works on environmental and ape conservation.  The second time around, my good friend bought me a GWU Medical School t-shirt, and I then felt obligated to attend.  I guess all it takes to be convince me to move to a place is a cute animal and monogrammed clothing.

Aaron: We heard you were working on becoming a Jewish doctor.  Do you have any good jokes/stories?
Dana: Not clean ones.  I did deliver my first baby a few weeks ago, which was one of the most amazing experiences.  Although I can’t remember the child’s name because I was in such utter shock, the second baby I delivered was named “Prince” and so I am proud to say I brought royalty into this world by delivering a Prince!

Aaron: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Dana: Growing up, I always dreamed of being the first Olympic rollerblader.  However, after performing my first circumcision on the honorable Prince, I think these hopes and dreams have been altered.  I now aspire to become a Mohel!  I am currently taking reservations for 2017 so calling all couples to plan ahead!

Aaron: What’s it like being a professional photographer?
Dana: Well, I haven’t had as much time for photography as I would have liked.  My last “professional” work was a photo shoot of my older sister for her Facebook profile in order for her snag the Jewish man of her dreams (currently in the works).  I also am really excited because I now have a photo exhibit at Filter Coffee House in Dupont Circle.  If you ever want a delicious cup a coffee, I suggest checking out Filter!

Aaron: Who is the coolest Jew?
Dana: Mike Lapidus… He is the captain of the Bier Baron Trivia Team called “Rocket Envy” who finish in second place on a weekly basis.  He’s also my favorite Jew because his name “Lapidus” originates from the Hebrew word for “torch.”  Especially during this time of Hanukkah, Mike’s torch is always around to light my fire.

Aaron: Where are you for Chanukah?
Dana: Last year I went to former Guy of the Week Evan Caplan‘s house for latkas.  He and I were in the Peace Corps together, and would travel over 8 hours by bus and motorcycle just to celebrate the Jewish holidays together.  This year I may be at home in Florida with my parents.  My mom cooks the most delicious zucchini and carrot latkas.  I’ve tried making them, but they never compare.


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  1. Rach!
    Rach! says:

    Dana! What a multi-talented beauty. Not only does she make the best matzoh ball soup this side of the mason Dixon, she can take professional pictures of it too. She is the perfect combo of funny, smart, caring, open and warm. What more could you want in a Jewish girl?


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