Young Adult Leaders – Rabbi Hecht and Esti Hecht

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Hecht organize Young Professional events at TheShul in Dupont Circle and represent Chabad at American University.

Aaron: What brought you to DC?

Esti: Growing up here (in Dupont Circle) I’ve met many different types of people, but I’ve seen one common thread: People come here to make a difference, to change the world for the better in whatever way they can.  I’m excited about the opportunity to come back and settle here, and to be able to make an impact on the Jewish community in this city.

Rabbi Hecht: It’s been my lifelong dream to be involved in enhancing Jewish life and Jewish identity in a practical and meaningful way.  I hope to be able to do that here in DC, through events, classes, and, most importantly, meeting the members of this vibrant and passionate community.

Aaron: What is your favorite Jewish holiday?

Rabbi Hecht: Simchat Torah.  On this day we celebrate Jewish Identity and that all Jews are equally important, regardless of how knowledgeable or observant one might be.

Aaron: What was your favorite Shabbat?

Esti: I once spent a Shabbat with 500 young children of Chabad Rabbis from around the world, who were spending the weekend in New York for an international conference.  What amazed me was that even though they spoke various languages, they all sang songs with the same meanings.  It showed me that although the Jewish people may be spread across the whole world, living in different countries with different customs, we all carry the same messages within our hearts.

Aaron: What programs do you offer?

Rabbi Hecht: We have monthly Friday Night Shabbatons (our next one is Shabbat in China on Dec 7) as well as weekly Shabbat Lunch following Shacharit services.

We also have monthly social events, such as Cafe Chabad on Nov 17, and weekly classes including “Wraps with the Rabbi” on Wednesday nights and “Women and Wisdom” on Shabbat afternoons.  We also offer one-on-one classes.

You can also get your holiday/mitzvah supplies (such as menorah kits, mezuzahs, and matzot) by contacting the office at TheSHUL.

Additionally, we’re excited about our brand new website to be launched, G-d willing, within the coming weeks – we’ll keep you posted! In the meantime friend “TheSHUL DC” on FB to see pictures of past events and be informed about upcoming programs.

Aaron: When is the best time to get involved?

Esti: Whenever you’d like!  Cafe Chabad is coming up, which is a great, informal event.  Otherwise, stop by for any of our classes or programs, or email us ( to set up a time to meet me or my husband for coffee.

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