Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum

Name: Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum

Congregation/Organization: Aish DC

Location: Rockville/Bethesda

Denomination: Outreach/Educational

Ordained From: Aish HaTorah Jerusalem

Programs/Services you run/offer: One-on-one learning, Wednesday night “Whiskey, Wine, and Wisdom”, Music and Mysticism,  Carlebach/Instructional Shabbat Services, Friday night dinners, etc.

Specialty within Judaism: Bringing out the meaning, relevance, spirituality, energy, vitality, and fun in Judaism.  Jamming to the music of Judaism.

One Jewish DC event that you recommend: Friday night at the Buxbaums!  Great food and great company… family style!

Hobbies: Playing guitar, performing and singing spiritual Jewish music with other musicians and music lovers.  Meeting new, creative, and interesting people.  Meditating.  A good L’chaim.

Fun fact about you: I starred in a Jewish spoof of Grease at the Denver Center for performing arts.  It was called “Shmaltz”.  I sang, danced, and even greased my hair!

Contact: 301-448-6153, SBuxbaum@aish.com


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