Jewish Guy of the Week – David

Aaron: From DE to DC, why?
David: To get my doctorate in Psychology and pursue a career of being a therapist.

Aaron: Who had the most influence on your Jewish identity?
David: My grandmother who survived the Holocaust – her strength and faith are unbelievable.

Aaron: We heard you sing.  Tell us more…
David: I sang in an all male acappella group at the University of Delaware, the YChromes, as well as having been in choirs since I was in 4th grade.  I also enjoy leading services and am part of the rotation that leads Carlebach at Kesher.

Aaron: What is the best part about being Jewish?
David: Matzah Ball soup!  But really – the feeling of connection and family you have with every Jew.

Aaron: When you were little, what did your Jewish parents always tell you?
David: Treat others as you want to be treated and that has truly stuck with me throughout my entire life

Aaron: Tell us about your favorite Shabbat?
David: Every shabbat is unique and relaxing, and I find it beyond necessary to take a break from the hectic week.

Aaron: Who is the coolest Jew and why?
David: The Fonz – I met him in DE one time and he is just a laid back, nice guy.

Aaron: What is your favorite yiddish quote?
David: You got so much chutzpah…

Aaron: Is it true that Jews don’t play sports?
David: Nope – Sandy Koufax, enough said.  I also played baseball and tennis, and I know a lot of athletic Jews!

Aaron: Have any shout outs to summer camp friends?
David: Never did summer camp – crazy, i know!

Aaron: Where can we find you on a Friday night?
David: Kesher or GW Chabad.


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