More GTJ Stars in Mainstream Media

In the past, we’ve featured GTJ staff member Michael Lipin‘s hit columns for Voice of America (see, for example, his pieces on the Christian community in Nazareth, Ground Zero, and Hurricane Irene). His latest piece hits a little closer to home, as he interviews none other than former Jewish Guy of the Year finalist/aerospace engineer/Mr. Yogato owner/advice columnist, Steve Davis. Check out the video below!

Reminder: Steve Davis will also be speaking this week, along with GTJ’s fabulous dating columnist, Erika Ettin, at a Sixth & I panel on turning their passions into successful small businesses.


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  1. […] note: Steve is an engineer at SpaceX. He is also the owner of Mr. Yogato. (Click here for video proof.) He finds self-deprecating humor disproportionately […]

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