Online Sukkah Hopping. First Stop: Swann Street

As Sukkot winds down, we’re curious to know how community members celebrated the holiday. We’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures from this past week! Send your stories to by Monday for inclusion in a DC Sukkot round-up.

To get us started, here’s what GTJ co-founder and vice president Aaron Wolff did… along with a few dozen of our friends.

What happened on Swann Street last weekend?

Swann House celebrated their Second Annual Sukkah Building by building a sukkah in the back alley between 17th and 18th on Swann Street.

Who built the Sukkah?

Well, we had a engineers,  consultants, and lawyers. So, a typical Saturday night in DC.

How many Jews did it take to build the Sukkah?


We heard Swann Sukkah is the “manly Sukkah” in DC. How so?

It is made of PVC pipe and duct tape.

Did anyone come check out the structure to make sure it would withstand the Chag?

Yup, we had Rabbi Shua from The Shul come.  Shout out to his wife, Esti, who brought delicious cookies.

Does Swann House only have big shindigs during the High Holidays?

Actually, Swann Street is known for celebrating epic Shabbat dinners packed with dozens of friends and family, including the parents of many community members.

Will there be another Sukkah next year?

We hope so!

For more pictures of the Sukkah, check out the Facebook page.

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