Bike for the Fight

The Israel Forever Foundation has partnered with the Embassy of Israel and other organizations to welcome to Washington DC Bike for the Fight, an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the international fight against cancer through the Israel Cancer Research Fund. Israeli founder Tom Peled and his team will arrive in the nation’s capital on Sunday, October 7th, after biking the 3,000 miles cross country from Los Angeles.

A welcome ceremony followed by a meet-and-greet bagel brunch with Tom and his team will take place 11:45 am on Sunday, October 7th at the Washington DCJCC located at 1529 16th Street, NW. The event is free and open to the general public. RSVP here.

Tom Peled, founder of Bike for the Fight, established the organization in memory of his father Ramy who endured an eight-year battle with a rare form of stomach cancer. When asked about his motivation, Tom explained “the only way to get out of this situation was to challenge myself on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.” In an incredible show of strength, Tom turned his heartfelt grief into something in which we can all become involved.

Expected event attendee and occasional GTJ contributor Jason Langsner explained why he is so inspired by Peled’s efforts. Two weeks ago, Jason completed his first century, which is a 100 mile bike ride; it took him about 6.5 hours.  “I was sore for about a week but it was a goal I set and I was proud of my accomplishment, but I can’t imagine the mental and physical toughness of the BFF team for dedicating themselves to ride cross country,” he told GTJ.

Peled, in a live Twitter interview with the event co-sponsors, was asked what excites him the most about arriving in Washington, DC.  He responded saying that “DC is the most meaningful place we can be [with the] potential for growth and that it seemed SO far in the beginning.”

Full event details for Bike for the Fight in DC are available here.

About Bike for the Fight

Bike for the Fight is an international cycling charity committed to creating bike events that will promote the remarkable efforts of Israeli scientists in the field of cancer research and raise money for the Israel Cancer Research Fund to fund more cancer-fighting endeavors.

About Israel Forever Foundation

The Israel Forever Foundation is an innovative programming philanthropy that develops, supports and promotes virtual experiential learning opportunities to celebrate and strengthen the personal connection to Israel for people around the world.

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