Latin Fiesta! – Rachel’s Weekly Update – 9/25

Hello all!

This past week had its ups and downs for me.  The week started with an up when I met with David P. from  Adas Israel (and the author of Adas Israel Renews!).  David is Adas Israel’s new Director of Communications so we chatted about how our mutually new jobs were going and how excited we both are to be working in the DC Jewish community.

Unfortunately, after that my week took a turn for the worse when I fell sick and completely lost my voice.  When I say completely, I mean completely: nada, zero, zip voice.  I managed to make it to MesorahDC’s Shabbat dinner at Sixth and I, but all I really wanted to do was sleep.  Luckily, some of my new friends were on hand to make me feel better.  Aaron W. gave me a get-well goody bag filled with cookies, cough drops, and a million different types of tea, and Rachel B. made me delicious homemade chicken soup.  I cannot thank either of them enough!

After resting for most of the weekend, my week picked up when I visited the Latin Festival with Rachel B. and Mike W. on Sunday.  The main feature of the festival was the parade in which participants showed pride in their heritage by performing traditional Latin dances in extravagant costumes.  I spent the rest of the day watching movies with friends and continuing to rest so that my voice could come back, which, I am happy to report, happened yesterday morning.  The only stain on my Sunday was finding out that the red panda cub at the National Zoo had died.  Sadly, half of all red pandas born in captivity die 🙁 .

Today and yesterday my focus has been on hydrating in preparation for Yom Kippur.  Even though I am dreading fasting, I am excited for Yom Kippur.  One of my best friends from Delaware, Adam R., is coming to spend the holiday with me.  If you see us at services, make sure to say hi!

Wishing you all an easy and meaningful fast,


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