Support Israel with Israel Bonds!

To buy an Israel bond, email today!  Be sure to mention GTJ!

Are you looking to give back to Israel, but are not sure how?  One of the best ways to contribute to the growth of Israel is by buying an Israel Bond.  Proceeds realized through the sale of Israel bonds have helped cultivate the desert, build transportation networks, create new industries, resettle immigrants, and increase export capability.  The best part is, even though you are buying the bond, you get your money back  plus some interest.  So you could just leave your money laying around in a debit account… Or you can make a sound financial decision with Israel Bonds and help Israel at the same time.

The eMitzvah bond is perfect for someone testing the waters with Israel Bonds. The minimum investment is as low as $36, and there’s no maximum.  I’m sure once you purchase your first eMitzvah bond you’ll realize what a great, safe, financial investment they are. After all, Israel has never missed a payment on a bond since the first bonds were issued in 1951.

You can read more about Israel Bonds on their website, and if you are interested in purchasing a bond email today! Remember to mention GTJ!

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