Party Rock in the 5773 – Gather the News – 9/19

Shana tova! It’s a new year and a new Gather the News!
  • Every year, a rabbi, a cantor, and a small contingent of Jews travel from Israel to Egypt to ensure the last remaining synagogue, Eliyahu Hanavi, has a minyan, but this year they have been denied visas.  Hey Morsi, if Mubarak could ensure the safety of the Jews, why can’t you?
  • A super controversial video has been leaked of Romney giving his opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and his doubt that there will ever be a viable two state solution.  What do you think? Tell us in the comments!
  • Is there soon to be a Matisyahu-Drake feud?  In a recent interview, Matisyahu claims that he is still more Jewish than Drake despite shaving his beard.  Sorry Matisyahu, I don’t think one person can be more Jewish than another, I’m gonna have to go Team Drake on this.
  • Our own Aaron Wolff has his article about Rosh Hashanah reflections and resolutions featured on the Washington Jewish Week! Mazel Tov, Aaron!
  • I know this music video is from last Rosh Hashanah, but the Jew fro and dance moves are just too good not to post.  Shana tova!






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