Girl of the Week – Elizabeth

Aaron: What brought you to DC?
Elizabeth: My car!  No seriously, I heard there were eligible bachelors.  If my grandma is reading this, my real answer is my family.  It didn’t hurt that I had a job here.

Aaron: Why have you decided to stay?
Elizabeth: I moved here to be closer to my extended family and now I can’t imagine living far away again.  It helps that I love my job (elementary school teacher) and friends. Being 3 hours from the beach isn’t bad either.
Aaron: What’s it like living in the same city as your sister?  Do your parents visit more often?
Elizabeth: Like childhood, we can play more. I get to “borrow” her make-up again, and we get to watch Kentucky basketball together!  Since we haven’t lived in the same city for years, I forgot what it was like to be referred to as Pamela’s little sister.  We look alike and people confuse us often and think we’re ignoring them.  As for the parents, they are here frequently.  My mom spent more time here this summer than in KY.  Now we need to convince our parents and brother to move here!
Aaron: Tell us about your dog?
Elizabeth: I went furniture shopping in Atlanta 4 ½ years ago and came home with a new dog!  Although she’s not furniture, I still believe that day was a successful shopping day.  She was homeless and I was dog-less; it was Fate.  Fate thinks she’s a person – loves to snuggle in bed, sleep under the covers and is currently trying to type my “girl of the week” interview questions.
Aaron: What is the coolest Jewish event that you have attended recently?
Elizabeth: My favorite event was the Jewish Federation for Group Homes (JFGH) Future Leaders’ zoo scavenger hunt.  I am partial, seeing how I am on the board; however, we had a chance to meet some of the residents of JFGH, meet other young professionals, and run all over the zoo.  A very close runner up would be the Giant Happy Hour at Bar Louie.

Aaron: Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Elizabeth: In my bed, isn’t Shabbat a time to rest?!?!  If I am not sleeping/resting, I love going to my aunt and uncle’s for Shabbat or spending it with my friends.
Aaron: Where are you for the High Holidays?
Elizabeth: Depends on the holiday. If it’s a weekend, I am in Kentucky.  There’s no place like home, right?  Otherwise, I spend it with my extended family at their synagogues in DC.
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