Guy of the week – David (Sixth and I)

What brought you to DC?
David: I went to scool at University of Maryland and it was just natural to stay in DC.

Aaron: Whose your favorite Jewish artist?
David: Rich Recht!  I’ve had his CDs since I was a little kid, and I love it when he comes to Sixth and I.

Aaron: What do you do at Sixth and I?
David: I deal with private and special events that want to use the building.

Aaron: So how can we book an event?
David: Email me mailto:

Aaron: What is the coolest event you’ve done at Sixth & I?
David: A concert with Ben folds and Nick Hornby. Nick would read his short stories which he wrote and Ben would sing them. They performed to promote their album together called Lonely Avenue.

Close second was the Greyson chance and Cody Simson (Justin Bieber of Australia) show with a sanctuary full of 15 year old girls screaming their heads off. That is the day I lost my hearing…

I’d love it if we could bring Ben folds back for a show. I’d also love to see (just randomly off the top of my head) Boys To Men and Ellen GeGeneres. Oh yeah, and the ultimate goal: Jerry Seinfeld. Anyone have a connection or want to sponsor?

Aaron: I will let you know if I win the lottery…  Tell us about the historic tours at Sixth and I.
David: Throughout the week, we love giving tours.  We give tours to people all over the country and the world.  Stop on over…

Aaron: Where will you be for the High Holidays?
David: Leading a service with Rabbi Shira.

Aaron: What is your favorite holiday?
David: Sukkot because it is the calm after the storm.  We can relax, chill, enjoy the weather…even sleep outside. 🙂

Aaron: What is some great wisdom from your Jewish grandmother?
David: A great piece of wisdom my Grandmother has imparted on me is that when you see a special on cans of tuna or cartons of Tropicana calcium enriched OJ, stock up!



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