Moishe House featured in The Economist

Like Moishe House?  Like British accents?  Like The Economist?  If you answered “YES” to at least two of the three of these, then you should check out this video report on Moishe House from The Economist.

The brief video explains how Moishe House has grown rapidly since its genesis in Oakland, California in 2006.  Moishe House brings together Jews of different religious stripes, challenging denominational notions and simply encouraging young adults to connect with Judaism in whatever manner feels comfortable to them.

Although the Washington, DC area is home to two Moishe Houses (Adams Morgan and Montgomery County), the British-based Economist perhaps understandably ignored the awesomness of the houses run by our peers and intead focused on the Moishe House in London.

This video is part of a larger series that The Economist is for some reason running on Judaism and Jews.  Here are some of the articles/reports they’ve recently run:

Be sure to look for Moishe House (DC and MoCo) events on our new calendar!



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