“Miss Holocaust Survivor” + “Highless Marijuana” — News of the Week (Jewish Style) 7/11

I had a hard time choosing a title for this post, so I chose two stories.  But I could have chosen others too.  Check out number 2 — it certainly got my attention!

Number 1.  From Yahoo! News.

Thanks, as always, to our partners on this post:  Moment Magazine

  1. Miss Holocaust Survivor contest held in Israel. (Yahoo!) (h/t Jane B.)
  2. Germany court says circumcision is a crime (The American Interest) (h/t Cory A.)
  3. The Biggest Jewish Genetic Myths of All Time, by community member Sala Levin (Moment Magazine)
  4. Jewish U.S. Representative Barney Frank (D – MA) becomes the first sitting member of Congress to marry a same-sex partner.  (New York Times) (h/t Moment Magazine)
  5. Does the West Bank count as a settlement?  An Israeli government-appoint panel considers the question (Reuters)(h/t Moment Magazine)
  6. Former Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, died, aged 96.  (LA Times)
  7. American Presbyterians mull boycott and divestment of Israel (The Jewish Daily Forward)
  8. Chabad holds “Living Legacy” conference here in Washington, DC  (Washington Jewish Week)
  9. Cliff Goldkind – Potomac native and resident – talks poker (Washington Jewish Week)
  10. Israelis develop “highless” marijuana (News Daily)(h/t Jewlicious)
  11. Romney to visit Israel this summer (New York Jewish Week)

Number 4.  From The New York Times














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