Max B. wins yogurt eating competition

Champion Max bending over low to cut the distance from cup to mouth.

Let it not be thought that Max B.’s eating powers are uni-dimensional.  He might have made his name as a past winner of the Sixth & I Pickle Eating Competition, but his eating greatness extends well beyond pickles.  And it includes yogurt.

As part of the Fourth Birthday Celebration of Mr. Yogato, ten contestants — including Jewish community members Seth E., Max B., Joseph P., and Aaron Z. — lined up on Saturday to see who could finish four Yogato, frozen yogurt huges (12 ounces each — 48 ounces total) in under 15 minutes in 100 degree heat.

Max made the feat seem like child’s play.  In just over 7 minutes, Max polished off his fourth cup, earning him first place and his pick of prizes from SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and Mr. Yogato.  Only two other contestants completed the four cups in the allotted time period:  Second place went to Peter “The Rock” R.  and third place went to Ryan L. (hailing from Utah, w00t!)

Rumors suggest that Max B.’s next eating competition will be the 4 pound burrito at Pica Taco (El Toro).

Conspicuously absent from the competition was defending pickle-eating champ Ben S. and yours truly (I was referee/event commentator!)

After staking out third place early on, Seth E. (pictured here) fell to fourth place in the final moments when Ryan L. — body shaking from the sugar and freezing yogurt — mounted an impressive comeback.

Stay tuned for an NPR story on this event and the accompanying “Call Me Maybe” dance performance that took place at the same birthday party.


Champion again. Max B.






















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