DC Jews: Call Me Maybe?

If you’re part of the DC young Jewish adult community, you’ve probably appeared in Call Me Maybe video lately.  Or you’re close friends with somebody who has.

How did this happen?  How did the Call Me Maybe craze — launched by the original video here (141 million views), then the Justin Beiber video here (44 million), then the Harvard baseball team video here (14 million) — suddenly seize the DC Jewish community?

Well, for better of for worse, I’ve been close to the eye of this storm, so I can tell the story:

The video that launched a thousand Jewish CMM ships belongs to Courtney L.  As a finalist in the 2011 Gather the Jews, Jewish Girl of the Year competition, Courtney was asked to make a video that expressed what Judaism meant to her.  She chose to mimic Justin Beiber by gathering a bunch of her friends to dance around to the song.  The result can be seen here (it also features this week’s Girl of the Week, Dina):

Although Courtney didn’t win the competition (that honor went to Ariana), the video caught the attention of a 2010 Jewish Guy of the Year finalist, Steve D.   Steve watched the video 1,123 times before deciding to film his own CMM video.  His first attempt, touchingly enough, yielded (thanks to the video talents of Casey G.) a going away tribute to me that featured tons of people in our DC Jewish community.

Rishay, Call Me Maybe – ORIGINAL from Casey Girard on Vimeo.

But this wasn’t enough for Steve.  He then decided to plan a flash mob dance with 50 dancers for the celebration of the fourth birthday of his Mr. Yogato yogurt store (along with this eating competition).   Community members Rachel A. and Britt S. came to the rescue on the choreography, and tons of familiar faces joined in the dance (including our third-ever Jewish Guy of the Year, Ilya).  The performance will soon be released in professional video format by NPR, but here are a few videos, taken by attendants, to whet your appetite:

Perhaps inspired by his role in this dance, the same Ilya then wrote lyrics based on Call Me Maybe in response to Justice Roberts’s surprising decision in the Healthcare Supreme Court ruling.  (See here at Cato’s blog)

Is this the end?  …  Maybe?



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  1. Jeremy Rosen
    Jeremy Rosen says:

    Oh SRicher! If only I’d been asked to submit a vid it would’ve knocked your pants off easier than usual when I’m around (or maybe you just have an affinity for dressing like Britney). You’ve done well for yourself and the DC Jewish community sir, and for that the community thanks you!! What better way to say toda than with a CRJ CMM video. Toda raba SIR!!


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