Guy of the Week – Roey

Aaron: Finish this sentence, DC Jews are…
Roey: …onto some truly terrific ideas, and it excites me to imagine how the DC Jewish scene (and  others) will look like five years from now as a result of their efforts.

Aaron: We heard you hack computers, is that true?
Roey: Only for the powers of good though!

Aaron: Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Roey: Probably at Sixth & I.

Aaron: What is the best part about being Jewish in DC?
Roey: There is such a big framework of Jewish programs and events here, even non-Jewish friends seem already familiar with Jewish culture and concepts.

Aaron: What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
Roey: Pesach, because my family traditionally holds large Seders with friends from diverse backgrounds.  We go around the room reading the Haggadah in many different languages.

Aaron: Who is the coolest Jew in DC?
Roey: In the aftermath of the recent storm, I’d say probably me, since unlike the rest of the area, my apartment never lost power.  But really, the coolest Jews are those who really invest themselves in their causes, like the folks behind Gather the Jews (editor: “win!”), Moishe House, and the Lone Soldier Project.

Aaron: What is your favorite Jewish food?
Roey: Falafel.   Every Israeli will tell you that the best falafel in Israel is on their street corner (but for the record, the best falafel in Israel is Kaduri’s on Ramatayim Street in Hod Hasharon).


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