Girl of the Week – Dina

Aaron: What brought you to DC?
Dina: Let’s just say I didn’t travel too far! I am originally from Maryland and I went to University of Maryland for my undergrad degree.  Now I’m living in Bethesda and I love it here.  My family is close by and it’s great that I get to see my nephews, Ben and Josh, and my niece Ava.

Aaron: As a teacher, do you have a favorite student?
Every year I have a new class and there are new favorites. They are your favorite because they are really cute, smart, funny, ridiculous, or just plain awesome.  It’s hard to say I have one favorite student the whole year. Each kid is unique in their own way and that’s how we make up Miss Manevich’s class. I will say this though; I had a lot of fantastic kids in my class this year but there were probably 7 that could be described as favorite.

Aaron: Has anyone ever brought you an apple?
Dina: As a teacher you get lots of presents, some expected and some not expected.  I have received many different types of apples from my students. It’s usually the students you don’t expect anything from who are the ones that bring you apples. They always have the biggest smile on their face when they are handing it over to you. I’ve also gotten flowers picked from the ground on the way to school, lots of candy, drawings, toys, and books. My favorite present I got this year was a picture my student drew of me eating at California Tortilla because it was her favorite place to eat. She did such a great job that I have it hanging in my apartment!

Aaron: What are your summer plans?
Dina: Well school is out and I should be traveling the world, right? I’m currently taking some grad classes till mid July, and then I’ll be hanging out in Bethesda and DC. You will probably find me at the pool or playing with my nephews and niece during the day and at night enjoying happy hours or spending time with friends. One of my favorite summer activities is attending Jazz in the Garden on Friday nights! It’s a nice way to start the weekend and be with friends.  Later in the summer I am going on a cruise with some friends to the Caribbean.

Aaron: During the year when you are not teaching, what could we find you doing in your free time?
Dina: One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE to dance! Growing up I took different types of dance classes. You would always find me taking tap, jazz, ballet, and sometimes modern. I’ve also tried ballroom dancing and Latin dancing. Currently you will find me dancing at the gym or Joy of Motion because I’ll be in a Zumba class. I started Zumba almost 3 years ago with my roommate Courtney, and I have been going ever since! I recommend everyone to try it because you do not have to be a dancer to do it; you just have to know how to have fun!


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