Jewish Girl of the Week – Aimee

Aaron: We heard you are getting married this weekend. Mazel Tov!  Tell us more…
Aimee: We were introduced by friends in Brooklyn. He lived in their apartment building and we met at a Shabbos dinner at their place.

Aaron: What is it like being a PhD candidate and Jewish?
Aimee: When I was growing up, I  was all about the astronauts, but that may be because I harbor secret desires to be Liz Lemon from 30 Rock.  In all seriousness, being an Orthodox science PhD student is difficult and rewarding. It’s difficult to get hours and hours in the lab during the high holidays, and rewarding cause science is awesome.

Aaron: You are an international Jew. What are your thoughts on the DC community?
Aimee: Everyone here in NW DC is a transplant from elsewhere. I can get my English on by hanging down in Foggy Bottom with a chum, my French on by hanging out in Georgetown… We’re all international in some vein here.

Aaron: What is one of your favorite parts about being Jewish?
Aimee: Favourite part? [notice how she spelled ‘favourite’] Hmmm… waking up Shabbos morning and realizing I have a whole day without internet access or phone access, so I can’t be bothered by wedding stuff!

Aaron: You found your bashert (soul-mate). Any advice for the single ladies out there?
Aimee: The only advice about bashert-finding I could possibly give is, he/she may be out there in the strangest of places. Don’t discount anything or anyone.

Aaron: What is the one wedding gift that you don’t want?
Aimee: The one wedding gift I do not want is an all-expenses paid honeymoon to Hawaii. *reverse psychology, reverse psychology*










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