China just wants a few good Jews — News of the Week (Jewish Style) — 6/20

Ronan Farrow tweets about his family’s odd structure (#2).  Image from Tablet.

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Thanks, as always, to our partners on this project, Moment Magazine.

  1. Chinese business looking for a few good Jews (Foreign Policy)(h/t Cory A.)
  2. Ronan Farrow can’t forgive Woody Allen for the Soon-Yi thing (Tablet)
  3. David Arquette is bar mitzvah’d (TMZ)(h/t Jodi T.)
  4. Gilad Shalit starts his new job – sportswriter (New York Times)(h/t Moment Magazine)
  5. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach rolls through the Republican Primary (CNN)(h/t Moment Magazine)
  6. Hasidic Jew fired for beard length (CNN)(h/t Moment Magazine)
  7. Biden dances the hora at daughter’s wedding (DCist)
  8. Hebrew National sued for not being kosher?  (Jewlicious)

    Biden dances the Hora (#7).  Image from DCist.

  9. Drake’s new song (Jewcy)
  10. Some rabbis are making bank (Jewlicious)
  11. Rockville Congregation wins USY award (Washington Jewish Week)
  12. Israel-Turkey Relations Hit New Low?  (Jewish Policy Center)
  13. A few more Jewish Republicans in Congress? (Jewlicious)
  14. An Anti-Semite for Congress? (Tablet)
  15. New report on New York Jewish demographics (The New York Jewish Week)











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