Checking in on Meredith Fineman

  • Some of you know her from her week as Jewish Girl of the Week.
  • Some of you know her from her popular blog FFJD (previously Fifty First J Dates)
  • Some of you know her from all the events she throws.
  • Some of you know her from her new blog, Girls Aren’t Funny.

So whatever the reason, many of you know Meredith Fineman.  Still, because she’s up to new things these days, I thought it might be fun to revisit our former Jewish Girl of the Week.

Stephen Richer (SR):  What exactly are you up to these days?

Meredith Fineman (MF):  I founded a digital PR company, FinePoint, after leaving New Media Strategies. FinePoint attempts to combine my more traditional PR and communications inclinations with my digital background.  I also launched a new site, Girls Arent Funny, to highlight female humorists and foster new ones. I also freelance write. 

SR:  Any especially cool clients?

MF:   I’ve done some great work with DC-area stores and restaurants. I represent some writers putting out books, which I love. I also do start-up advising about entering the DC market. I had an interesting client, Votizen, here with me for White House Correspondents Weekend.

SR:  What’s the inspiration behind the new blog?  How many people are reading it?

MF:  The inspiration behind GAF is my own personal frustration with the opportunities and visibility of female humor writers. Women are making tremendous strides in comedy – video, movies, stand-up- but there’s still a mega dearth of humor and satire writers. I also find that there isnt’ enough of a space for humor writing itself, so I am hoping to fill that gap. While the site highlights funny ladies from around the web, I really want women young and old to submit original essays. I’ll be writing some essays too. I have no idea how many people are reading it. With this site, I just care that it inspires funny women to write.

SR:  How is FFJD doing these days?  Any big new developments?

MF:   FFJD is taking a nap. My intern, Constance, had a Britney-esque 2007 meltdown and is currently taking some time off. I’m working on turning it into a book. If you’d like to give me a deal, please reach out. If you’d like a transcript of the site, which is 400 single-spaced pages, I’d be happy to share.

SR:  What’s the next big party you’re throwing?

MF:  I’d love to throw a warehouse party, a la the Crackcident Girls Episode on HBO. But DC ain’t no Bushwick. Stay tuned.

SR:  Do you really dress this fancy each day for work?!?!  (see Washingtonian Article: What I Wear to Work) I normally wear shorts and a t-shirt…  But I really love the blue shoes!

MF:  I dress like that occasionally. Otherwise, it’s yoga pants.

SR:  When are we going to be able to trick you into being a regular writer for GTJ?

MF:  When you pay me.





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