Event Hosts and Award Recipients — E.M.Davis, J.Rosen

The Annual Event of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington (JFGW) is on Monday, June 11.   Sarah Arenstein covered most of the basic details in our post from yesterday. but we still wanted to talk with with a few other people involved with the event:

SR:  How did you become one of the four chairs of the event?  (Other chairs include:  Nathan Bortnick, Yvonne Schlafstein Distenfeld, and Alan Meltzer)

Eva Malka Davis (EMD):  We were asked to co-chair the event because we are co-chairs of The ConnectGens Fellowship which is being featured at the annual meeting.  It was a natural fit, and we could encourage our demographic to attend the meeting and launch all at once.

SR:  What have been your responsibilities as an event chair?

EMD:  We are responsible for helping create the agenda, strategically incorporate launch night and the innovation expo into the event, and recruiting people like you to come to the meeting.  Hopefully everyone reading this will find Launch Night interesting and join us!

SR:  What’s going to make this Annual Meeting different from (better than?) all other Annual Meetings?

EMD:  This annual meeting is going to incorporate a more dynamic presntaiton as the 10 ConnectGens fellows pitch their ideas during the meeting and then stick around for an innovation expo to answer questions, promote their ideas, and network with as many people in the community as possible.  It will be exciting to experience first hand our community’s investment in future social entrepreneurs and leaders!

SR:  GTJ’s Aaron Wolff will be one of the presenters.  THE WOLFf!!!!!!!!!


SR:  GTJ ran this news story when JFGW named Jeremy Rosen and Rachel Cohen Gerroll recipients of this year’s Jerome J. Dick Young Leadership Award.   If I may quickly brag our ability to spot amazing Jews, we at GTJ previously named Jeremy a guy of the week, and we named Rachel our first ever Jewish Girl of the Year.  We followed up with Jeremy.

SR:  How did you win the award, and how does it feel?

Jeremy Rosen (JR):   Obviously neither Rachel nor I got involved to win an award. It is, however, nice to be recognized for the time, energy, and dedication we have invested in the Jewish young professional community.  That being said, I don’t know of any specific requirements or criteria.

SR:  How’d you originally get involved with the Jewish community and with the Federation?

JR:  I originally got involved because I didn’t have the community I wanted in my life. I saw an opportunity to learn about the community while having some involvement in the behind the scenes development of the programming. The Reverse Mifgash is where I “discovered” the community in 2007. Soon after I attended the JFGW leadership mission and General Assembly in Israel where I really got to see the work of the Federation firsthand on the ground in Israel. Upon returning I started off being a general member of the Birthright Israel NEXT DC Advisory Committee and then moved on to be the Shabbat Hoppin co-chair. From there I took on the role of Campaign Chair for YL at the beginning of the economic downturn, a real challenge. From there I joined Eva Davis and Kevin Fishkind as a YL co-chair as their terms were ending and then brought Rachel on to join me at the volunteer helm.

SR:  Any cash award?

Jeremy receiving award. He has since departed to Alabama, so he had to collect early.

JR:  We have a stipend we can use towards a federation mission as part of the award.

















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