Girl of the Week – Lisa (JFGH)

Tell us about your project?
The Future Leaders network of the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes (JFGH) has been created to engage young professionals in JFGH’s mission so that they will become the next generation of supporters to carry out JFGH’s goals. Chaired by JFGH volunteer, David Aleskow, the Future Leaders Board will support and help facilitate the engagement of young leaders within the network. There will be opportunity for personal growth, philanthropy, volunteerism, and social involvement.

Tell us more about JFGH:
JFGH’s mission is to provide individuals with developmental disabilities and/or chronic mental disorders with the opportunity to live independently within the community with dignity, personal choice, and respect while offering the opportunity to experience Jewish life. The Future Leaders network will become the next generation to carry out JFGH’s important and established mission.

Why did you get involved?
As a young Jewish professional working for the organization it just seemed like a natural fit. I feel passionate about the mission of JFGH and am confident that many of my peers would benefit from becoming more involved in the organization through various opportunities including building relationships with our residents, as well as other leadership, volunteer, fundraising, and social initiatives.

How can we get involved?

Now is the time to get involved in JFGH’s Future Leaders network! The JFGH Future Leaders Kick-Off event is being held on Sunday June 24 from 12-2PM at the Smithsonian National Zoo (at the Woodley Park metro stop). Lunch, entertainment, games and prizes will be provided.
The cost is only: $12 in advance and $18 on site. To register or find more information, visit:
If you are looking to have some fun with your friends while also spending some time participating in a meaningful activity, there is no better place for you to be on Sunday, June 24th than JFGH’s Future Leaders Kick-Off event.

What kind of impact are you making?
My hope is that the JFGH’s Future Leaders network will provide our generation with an opportunity to get involved in the local community and spend some time with the residents who will no doubt impact the lives of the young professionals who meet them. There are so many ways to get involved that there really is a place for everyone—whether you want to spend an afternoon at a home planting a garden with some residents, or meet other young professionals during a happy hour at our annual Gala, or offer to teach residents a unique skill you may enjoy, JFGH’s Future Leaders network has a place for you.

Who is the coolest Jew in DC?
The coolest Jew in D.C. will be found at JFGH’s Future Leaders Kick-Off Event at the Smithsonian National Zoo on June 24th. Visit to register for the event and find more information.



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