Guy of the Week – Ross

We heard you moved from Baltimore to DC a year ago. Why is DC better than Baltimore?
Baltimore was a lot of fun, but it was too small. DC has lots of options, but I live in VA, which is even better than DC.

Really? Why is Virginia better?
Because the grass is greener on the other side of the river…

Why did you move to VA?
I actually moved to VA because it is close to my job.

A Jew with a job, you sound like a good catch…what do you do for work?
The projects that I work on save lives…I work for the gov’t so I cannot tell you too much more. 😉

Who did you root for in the Superbowl?
Giants, because I despise Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Would you ever root for the Boston Red Sox?
I would only root for the Red Sox if the Yankees were in first place AND the Red Sox were playing the Phillis.

What religious leader had the biggest impact on your Jewish growth, and why?
Rabbi Sneiderman, we had the coolest trip to Israel! Shout out to AEPi.

You got an MBA right after undergrad…was it worth it?
Totally worth it, I was in college for seven years.

Some people think engineers are lame and boring, is that true?
Although I have been known to use a Gantt chart to plan my weekends…I actually do go out with friends and love exploring the DC/VA area.  And yes, I have derived a formula that proves that VA is still way cooler than DC…

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