Jews and Sports… A Local Take

I ended up at a Wizards game this past Monday, at the suggestion of a friend.  Sure, I know they’re terrible (sorry Wizards fans, but you know I’m right) but it’s important to support the local team every once in a while . And they were playing the Bobcats, so I figured that they might actually win this game (they did).

Unbeknownst to us going in, it was Jewish heritage day at Wizards stadium. What fortuitous timing. So what did such an event entail? Well, the band played Hava Nagila while the players were shooting, enforcing my theory that this song is played at literally any Jewish event attended by non-Jews.  The half-time show consisted solely of children from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington playing a very mediocre but enthusiastic game of basketball. If we were trying to undermine stereotypes about Jews and their collective proficiency in sports, I’m not sure this was the way, but it was heartwarming from a family values perspective. All in all, I might not hurry back to watch the Wizards, but I will now certainly be quicker to recommend the JCC to Jewish friends of mine with kids.

There were plenty of empty seats at the game and tickets were quite cheap (see my earlier comment about the Wizards’ skill level), so it doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t have been too hard to arrange a mass Jewish gathering to this particular game.  Perhaps the JCC should think of involving GTJ in their marketing strategy next time?  Could be fun…

JCC kids at the Wizards' game



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