The 8 finalists

Drum roll please………………………

It is with great pleasure that I present to you — the Jews of the world (and the gentiles who oddly surf around on Jewish websites) — this year’s eight finalists:

Ben jumping higher than I can... And doing something magical...




These finalists will enter the second round (and final) of the competition to do battle in a caged match interview with the man, the myth, the maniac…  … … me.

Yes, that’s right, we’re taking the second round out of the hands of the voting public (democracy is overrated) and putting it into the hands of some very wise judges who will watch the video clips of the interviews I conduct with these 8 exemplars of the greatness that is the Jewish DC young adult community.

Stay tuned for these videos and our eventual Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year victors.

In the meantime, go to these pages (GuysGirls) to take another look at all of our amazing contestants.  And check out some of their added material for the contest (for instance, did you know that Dan killed Gumby or that Rossella made an amazing 10 point list?)




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