Why I Want to Be A Matchmaker For The GTJ Jewish Girls and Guys of the Week (And their Friends):

One of my favorite features of the GTJ site is the Girls & Guys of the week. It’s fun to read about what makes people of our generation tick (and the pictures of good-looking Jewish men are a bonus) but I think what makes me smile the most is hearing about the ways everyone is contributing to our community.  To me, the characteristic of wanting to make a difference in the community is the ultimate turn-on.

Which brings me to the title of this article, why I want to be matchmaker for Girls/Guys of the week (and their friends).

Now I know not all of these talented people of the week are single, but the ones who are should listen up. And so should their friends…..

As a former GTJ girl of the week and former ALMOST GTJ girl of the year, I too want to make the Greater Washington area just that more amazing. This week especially has been a great time for me to reflect on how the young professional DC Jewish community has grown exponentially in the past year and how many amazing individuals I have met through my involvement in it. I think that most guys and girls of the week probably feel the same way about the community and their friends in it.

One of the projects I have been working on this year is creating more of a buzz in the Jewish young professional Northern Virginia community and providing events that are held beyond the city.

Next Wednesday April 18th my organization, NOVA Tribe Series, is hosting a speed dating  event benefiting the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes and Homestretch Inc. (this the part where the playing matchmaker to all the guy and girls of the week and their friends comes in.)  You can register here and also have the option to not speed date and just attend our happy hour by using the promo code FRIEND

Can’t make it then? On April 29th we are having Sunday Funday and holding The Big Schlep Scavenger Hunt. Grab your friends, form a team or we will make one for you! Good luck to you all that are in the girl/guy of the year contest…don’t let the Jewish trivia round stump you if they throw it in again this year!


Stacy is a proud ALMOST Jewish girl of the year who is happy to play match-maker anytime. You can reach her at novatribeseries@gmail.com or check out her organization’s website: http://www.shalomnova.org/novatribeseries/


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