GTJ Competition — Delayed one week

Hi GTJ Friends,

I’m sorry to report that Gather the Jews will delay — by one week — the vote for Jewish Girl and Guy of the Year.

We’re doing this because we’re just not quite ready, and we want to deliver as high-quality and fun a voting event as possible.  There’s still some glitches in the voting, still some links broken, still some profiles waiting to be updated.  As one who gets to take some of the credit for the awesomeness of GTJ, I also deserve the blame, so if you’re upset by this, or have any questions, email me at:

In the meantime, here’s a few responses to the question “Why should you be Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year?”  Hopefully it will whet your appetite.  If you’re a JGOTW and you haven’t sent us an answer, please do so ASAP.

Lazar B.  —   Why I should be Jewish Guy of the Year.

Clark H. and Shaina L.Joint video on why we should be Jewish Guy and Jewish Girl of the Year.

Ben W.:

We have one of the greatest cities in the world for young Jewish professionals. I’m that guy who’s always trying to connect people in the Jewish community and helping others out. There’s so much out there in this town and lots of great people to meet and network with and I’m always encouraging others to get involved because… I mean why not? I’m genuinely a good guy and a mensch.

That’s why I’m your Jewish Guy of the Year.


And we will be adding more- In the meantime, get acquainted with all our Jewish Girls and Guys of the week and view the photos from our 3/28 Party.

Stay tuned!  Apologies for the delay.



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