Jewish Girl of the Week – Molly

What was your favorite Purim costume as a kid?
Obviously queen Esther.  What little girl wouldn’t want to dress up as the heroine of the Purim story?

What were you for Purim this year?
Well I have two costumes for two different Purim events.  At one I’m going to be Britney Spears from Baby One More Time (SR: This is one of my favorite songs…) and at the other a farm girl.  I’m borrowing some overalls and everything!

Tell us about what brought you to DC? 
I came to DC to do AVODAH, the Jewish Service Corps. I’m living in a big house with 13 other Jews and we are all working for different non-profits. It gets a little crazy at times, but it’s been a great experience thus far. And no there are no hidden cameras in the house….at least I don’t think there are any!! The non-profit I am working for is So Others Might Eat, better known as SOME. I am working in their medical clinic as a Medical Assistant. Along with my medical assistant duties, I am also a Certified Health Educator so I have been doing a fair amount of patient education on diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, etc. I LOVE it!

You are a Buckeye?!  What was Jewish life like in Ohio?
Yes, yes I am a buckeye!  Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and I graduated from The Ohio State University!  Jewish life in Ohio was great! There is an awesome community in Columbus and during the years I attended University of Cincinnati, I became close with a lot of wonderful families in a neighborhood called Amberley. Many many good Shabbos memories in both Ohio cities! OH-IO! 🙂

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?  And what do you think about that now? 
I think I went through different stages, but I do remember wanting to be a vet at one point. I loved dogs and I kept bugging my parents to get one…that never happened though! Looking back on my dreams of being a vet is pretty funny to me. I actually don’t even want a dog anymore. It’s not that I dislike animals, I’d just rather work with people more than animals.

Tell us about how your organization is making an impact in the community. How can we get involved?
Well I may be slightly biased, but SOME is a really amazing organization. It started out as a dining room for the homeless population to come eat breakfast and lunch. Now it’s expanded to so much more. We have a medical clinic, a dental clinic, a day program for homeless adults with mental illnesses, a substance abuse program, family housing, and singles housing, a job training program and more! It’s really incredible how much SOME does. In terms of involvement, we are always looking for volunteers for the dining room, and food donations, as well as monetary donations, are always helpful, as well as clothing for our clothing room.  We are also looking for people to teach some exercise classes! I am trying to get our patients to think more about their physical health!!


To learn more about this organization or contact Molly, email

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