Jews and diplomats gather for ACCESS DC

EMD and others at ACCESS DC.

Gather the Jews promoted this event — which went off to much success last night — throughout March.  If you would like to have GTJ promote your event, please email


Rachel Arenstein is a GTJ contributor.

Last night, young Jewish adults joined diplomats representing 39 embassies for ACCESS DC’s Eleventh Annual Young Diplomats Reception.  By my judgement, the event was a big success owing to the variety of delicious refreshments.  But for those who evaluate events by other standards, here are a few non-gastronomical details:

This year’s program The Arab Awakening: The Changing Face of the Middle East featured speakers who were not only renowned experts on Middle East policy, but who are active participants in the political processes of their respective countries — Egypt and Syria — and have fought  in the past years for democracy in their countries.  Both speakers acknowledged the challenges facing their countries as they transition from oppressive regimes to functioning democracies, but both are hopeful that they can create governments that are inclusive and transparent.

The program concluded with a brief Q&A during which intelligent questions were posed by attendees — including GTJ’s own food writer Courtney Weiner.

You know who might be one of my favorite people in the whole world? Gene Ge... (Stephen R.)

To learn more about AJC’s ACCESS, and how you can get involved, visit this website, or email Jamie Kamlet (













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