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New question:  Why do you deserve to be Jewish Girl of the Year?

I believe I deserve to be Jewish Girl of the Year because as well as having made Aliyah and carrying an Israeli passport, I am also a Virtual Citizen of Israel who now lives in DC and throws kick-ass events for Jewish professionals to help build their connections with Israel. Plus I wear snazzy specs, speak hebrew Tov Meod and Israel is the word which appears most often in my FB posts. It is my passion to play a role in preserving the Jewish future and assuring that Israel is Forever! As volunteer Director of Communications and Special Events for The Israel Forever Foundation I hope you will Follow us on FB & Twitter @Isrl4evr and join the fastest growing global Jewish community.









You’re hosting a Purim event on Thursday. (Yay!) Tell us about it.
The Israel Forever Foundation was started by my parents about 10 years ago to support people and projects which support Israel and her people. I am quickly becoming more involved in the foundation as the volunteer Director of Communications & Special Events, and, accordingly, this Thursday I am hosting “A Knight in Shushan with Israel Forever” at Current Sushi in DuPont where we will drink and dance and celebrate Esther, Mordechai, and Am Yisrael Chai!  Proceeds from the event will go to support The Israel Forever Foundation (IFF) and the Lone Soldier Center in Jerusalem with whom we share an ongoing partnership–it’s a great place that provides support to the brave soldiers who come from around the world to serve in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

You attended the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School of Greater Washington. What are some perks of getting your education there?
I am very fortunate to be part of the close-knit JDS alumni community where I have been exposed to great friends, who feel more like family. The older we get the less the age difference between grades matter, and the more we find comfort in knowing that we have strong community support helping us on our paths to success. Most people probably say that JDSers have superiority complexes, but they are just haters who wish they went to JDS.

You live in Van Ness and are currently working on re-branding the neighborhood. Explain.
Haha, well everyone laughs at me and says it is so uncharacteristic that I live by Van Ness instead of further downtown. Then last summer we started hanging out with a bunch of Embassy folks, so when they would ask where I lived I would laugh and say, “By the embassy of course!” My friend Sara turned it into me “re-branding the neighborhood” to make it cooler.

You serve as the Program Director of the CW Network in Washington. What does this entail and have you seen any celebrities?
Since 2009, I have served as Program Director at WDCW-TV, the CW in Washington, where I am in charge of the selection and placement of syndicated series and sitcoms; as well as various promotional projects. During my time at WDCW-TV I have met Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, Russel Simmons of Def Jam Records, and Daytime Talk-show hosts Steve Wilkos and Judge Karen. I know – BIG TIME! But in my personal life I met Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Holocaust Museum last month after the screening of Angie’s new film.

You can often be spotted at concerts. Which upcoming shows do you plan to see?
My favorite band is Phish and I’m loud and proud about it. (Yay for summer tour being announced last week!) Outside of Phish I love jazz, funk, and disco. Anything I can dance barefoot in the rain to or use a hula hoop with. Most weekends I can be found dancing with friends at the 9:30 Club or U Street Music Hall. Catch me this week at The Black Keys, in April at Robert Randolph, and in May at Emancipator.


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