Breaking Down the Purim Festivities

Purim is here! Let’s go crazy! (Or not.) It does stink that Purim falls in the middle of the week this year. For those of you who partake in Simchat Torah, Purim, or any other joyous holiday and don’t take off time from work or school that week, or you can keep going all the time, you’re amazing. Keep that socializing energy alive. For the rest of us, say you still want to get out and do something festive, but not go crazy.

We’ll break down this year’s Purim events (for a full list, click here) for you by craziness factor. Feel free to pick and choose, mix them up, decide to start off tame and end up walking into work with your Purim costume still half-on/calling out sick by the end of the holiday. Either way, here you go:

Able to attend work/class the next day but entertaining:

Moderately getting your hamantaschen on:

Prepare for a grogger-induced headache:

Stephen Richer-worthy/all-night fun:

Also, I found it adorable that Birthright Israel NEXT has a Pinterest page for Purim. Check it out when you can.

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  1. Stephen Richer
    Stephen Richer says:

    Hmmm… Sadly, I only have one important day in my life in the next 2 months, but it happens to be tomorrow (the day after Purim), so I’m afraid I won’t live up to past Purim performances…



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