Guy of the Week – Simcha

We heard you are getting your PhD.  What topic?
I’m getting my PhD in physics. I work on quantum simulation with trapped ions. I’m basically part of an effort to develop a new kind of computer that uses lasers and charged atoms trapped in an electromagnetic field instead of the traditional silicon transistors.

This may seem unnecessarily complicated, but it promises great computational abilities not available to us today.

Umm… You sound really smart, what do you do for fun?
I’m out with friends enjoying Shabbat with wonderful DC Jews.  I love attending MesorahDC events. Besides that, I enjoy biking, running, and outdoors activities.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
On a Friday night you will find me at Mesorah at Sixth and I or Chabad.

Who is your favorite DC Rabbi?
My favorite DC rabbi is Rav Teitelbaum. He was the first rabbi to really appeal to me.

We heard you’re Israeli, what Israeli dish do you love to eat?
Burekas. Probably of the potato filling variety.

We heard you have loooong walks to shul, what’s up with that?
Well, I live in Fort Totten.  Unless Shabbat starts late and I can take the metro before it starts, I don’t have any other options.

What is your favorite part about the DC Jewish community?
My favorite part about the DC Jewish community are the Baali Teshuva, who are very energetic and warm people excited about Judaism.


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