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Given you’re a DC boomerang (grew up in the area, left for school, and are now back), what do you love about this city?
Tons. DC is a wonderful city so long as you appreciate it for what it is and avoid comparing it to other cities. Along with a burgeoning creative economy come interesting, motivated and inspired people for whom I’m very appreciative. I also love the museums and proximity to world politics and history. Given my interest in architecture/space/design, I have an odd love for the experience of standing on Pennsylvania Ave looking at the Capitol in the distance. There is something about the combination of being on the wide, boulevard-like street, surrounded by soaring, neoclassical architecture and among so much history that I find amazing.

What is verdeHOUSE?
VerdeHOUSE activates unoccupied real estate by connecting temporary users and events with vacant property.  We find unique, unused space throughout the city and temporarily turn the vacancy into a venue. Think of us as DC’s space matchmaker. There’s nothing we love more than a good shidduch between an event and vacant property.

Do you have a favorite event?
The Jewish Federation luncheon in one of our first Dupont spaces, of course! Uncurbed, the traveling food truck restaurant, has also been a vH team favorite. We help DC’s best food trucks set up shop in vacant properties to create a truly unique (and mobile!) pop-up restaurant experience. I’m also very excited for an event we’re hosting to show off one of our newest properties. We’re having a complimentary scotch bar, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and an incredible jazz ensemble. Who wouldn’t love that?!

What is it like being an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur has got to be one of the most dynamic experiences. Excitement, freedom, empowerment, and fun primarily come to mind. There are so many ups and downs, but you know you’re in your element when you start to embrace and appreciate the negatives. It’s cliched but true: mistakes and hardships make for the best learning and growth opportunities.

What inspires you?
Truthfully, I’m amazed by the diverse and unexpected ways I find inspiration. The people I work with, the architecture around me, the opportunities that come our way are just a sampling. I think that the challenges that come along with developing a new concept and building a company have a powerful way of inspiring.

Besides building a company, if you could do anything, regardless of pay, what would you do?
That’s easy, I’d ski all the time.


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