Farewell to our First Jewish Guy of the Week

Eddy was GTJ’s first Jewish Guy of the week (see his interview here).   He has become a pillar of the Jewish community, and we wish him the best on his future endeavors.

What have you seen happen to the DC Jewish community since you arrived?
Since I moved to DC the Jewish community has grown, but thanks to the efforts of several key people and organizations, it is more united today than when I arrived.

How do you plan to be involved in other communities in the future?
I don’t know if I will be back in DC, but wherever I am, the Jewish Community will be a big part of my life.  I want to keep on bringing Jews together, especially couples.  I want to set up Jewish sports leagues wherever I go and be part of the Maccabee delegations of whatever city I am in.

What were your thoughts on GTJ two years ago?  I thought it was a great idea.  To be honest, though, I thought it was a little too ambitious at first.  Maybe not too ambitious in what it was looking to accomplish, but in the responses and reach that the original organizers were trying to get.  I have been very pleasantly surprised to see that I was very wrong and I hope that it just keeps growing both in DC and in other cities across the country and even abroad.  Congrats!

What are your thoughts on GTJ now?
GTJ has become something unique and special.  I have lived in many other Jewish communities across the country and world, and nowhere have I seen such an organization/movement that is so well-known and received. I think the best part of it and what makes it what it is, is the fact that it is not tied to any single organization or cause except bringing Jews together in any way possible.  That idea is new, especially in the Jewish community where there always seems to be a reason behind every event.  One can be the most orthodox or most unaffiliated Jew and still find something that appeals to them on this site.

What does it mean to be the first Guy of the Week?
Aside from having the honor of a special mention every time I am near Aaron, I am very grateful that the GTJ selection committee chose me to kick off what is arguably one of the most well-known parts of the GTJ website.  At the same time it also has put extra pressure on me to continue doing what this committee selected me for doing, which is easy because that is how I was raised and it is second- nature to me.  It makes me happy to see and bring Jews together so I guess I am just being selfish and making myself happy.

If GTJ could continue in other cities, what features do you think would be most valuable?
The calendar of events to me is the most useful and important aspect.  All the other parts of it are great, but by knowing what is going on where through a weekly email I don’t have to receive 20 emails or Facebook invites from different organizations.  All I need is one, and I can pick and choose.

What is the one Jewish event/organization that you will miss most?
Hosting Shabbat dinners.  While the YP Shabbats at Chabad and Mesorah are great and they have introduced me to so many amazing people, there is nothing like hosting your own Shabbat for 20 of your closest friends (or random people you meet at the gym because they had a Magen David) and having them get to know each other.  Nothing makes me happier than to see two friends who met at my dinner out on their own without me.

When are you coming back to visit?
I will be back at the beginning of June for my very good friend Miriam Lasar’s wedding in Baltimore and then maybe again at the end of June when one of my best friends Fabrizio gets married in New York.


Want to get in touch with Eddy?  Email info@gatherdc.org

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  1. Eduardo Bialostozky
    Eduardo Bialostozky says:

    Aaron, Stephen thank you guys for all your hard work and effort in making not only your dream, but all of our dreams a reality with GTJ.


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