Israeli Sensation Idan Raichel coming to Sixth & I!

Middle Eastern music, African sounds and Hebrew words! These are just some of the ingredients that make Idan Raichel’s music unique and fascinating and which, on March 7th, will transform the Historic Synagogue at Sixth & I into a temple of music. The 34-year-old Israeli artist is famous across the globe thanks to his international group, The Idan Raichel Project, which first became known on the Israeli musical scene in 2002 and, within the space of very few years, turned into an international sensation.

About 60 musicians total, from different parts of the world, contribute to producing music that, although it can be defined as international, always has a Middle Eastern “flavor” in every song. Different songs and rhythms are woven together on stage and, while most of the songs are in Hebrew, your ears should be prepared for Arabic, Spanish, English, Yemenite, Hindi and even Amharic (Ethiopian.)

Raichel’s songs touch on the main problems of modern society. To quote The Jewish Journal, the singer “has both a gift for creating beautiful music and the courage to spread a message. He preaches universalism, the power of shunning labels and celebrating humanity.”  He sings about world peace and friendship, human relationships and their problems and — of course – love, love, love! The topics is his songs range from the difficulties of expressing feelings (“Chalomot shel ‘acherim” or “Milim yafot me ‘elle”) to common couples’ misunderstandings (“Medaberrim be sheket” or “Im telech”). However, for each problem there is a solution because, as Idan himself sings in one of his most famous songs, “Hakol over” – everything shall pass.

His musical education, humanitarian activism, work as a producer, and love for Israel all contribute to creating his beautiful pieces. The first four albums starting with his eponymous album “The Idan Raichel Project,” offered in both a Hebrew and an English version and have all received international acclaim. Recently, the group produced a new album called “Traveling Home.” This three-CD album is the group’s first live recording and contains both old hits and new tracks.

For tickets, click here.  And stay tuned for further GTJ coverage of this amazing event!

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