Jewish Girl of the Week – Lauren

What brought you to DC?
Initially my work at the World Bank. Before coming to DC I spent five years working for various international governance agencies in Indonesia, advising the government on capacity and leadership development endeavors in post-conflict locations. Shortly after, I worked for a private firm in Singapore on leadership development initiatives for companies around Asia. After spending a number of years abroad I wanted to come back to the US and evolve what I had learned in the private sector to conjoin my initial work in international governance and challenge the people at the World Bank headquarters on their idealism of what it means to develop leaders. Currently, my work in DC has evolved into something greater. In the meantime, I also provide mentoring services to young people seeking professional and leadership advice.

You have 24 hours to do anything and everything, what would you do?
Rent out an ancient synagogue and invite all the people I care for and the people they care for to join a fantastic yet classy 24-hour party. I would also make everyone drink a special potion “the anti-anxiety potion” so everyone could speak to each other in an open-minded way minus the stress of feeling judged. I would also have guest speakers throughout the day, these speakers would be the leaders who I represent in my talent agency.

What is your favorite Jewish food?
Homemade chicken soup without noodles and rainbow cookies. I could eat rainbow cookies every day.

We heard that Jews like to learn, how many more masters degrees do you want to get?
I am indeed considering a third, but never a PhD.

If you could invite any Jew to Passover dinner, who would you want to join you?
Yehuda Amichai – I have always admired his poetry, especially his love poems.

Finish this sentence, the best part about being Jewish in DC is…
Meeting other DC Jews and listening to the occasional lectures of Rabbi Shemtov – I am a big fan of his spiritual ideas on life.

Where can we learn more about your professional experience?


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  1. j.c.
    j.c. says:

    lauren wow are you awesome, if i was a single special guy i would be first on line for you – you will make a man very lucky
    you seem to have it all – no one can ever compare to who you are – what a beautiful person you are


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