The state of GTJ at 100 weeks

Aaron sends me about 10 emails every day.  But one in particular caused me pause yesterday:  a copy of our very first Gather the Jews newsletter.

  • It didn’t have a full listing of Shabbat dinners.
  • It didn’t have original articles on the DC Jewish community.
  • It didn’t have a long list of awesome DC Jewish events.
  • And it didn’t have the picture of a new Jewish Guy and Girl of the Week.
We’ve come a long way in 100 weeks.  Since March 1, 2010, Gather the Jews has:
  • Grown our weekly newsletter from 75 subscribers to 2,700 subscribers.
  • Received 187,125 visits to our website.
  • Welcomed 96,894 unique visitors.
  • Amassed 469,535 page views.
  • Written 1,003 blog posts.
  • Featured over 75 Jewish guys.
  • Featured over 75 Jewish girls.
  • Hosted 9 public events for over 1,600 guests.
  • Promoted the events of over 60 different Jewish organizations.
  • Found jobs for over 15 community members.
  • Found boyfriends/girlfriends for over 10 community members.
In short, the state of the GTJ union is good.  And we plan to keep it that way.
So thanks for reading, and thanks for being part of a vibrant DC Jewish community.

If you wish to help Gather the Jews, please consider either:

  1. Writing us a letter telling us what we’re doing well, poorly, or what you might suggest.
  2. Consider joining the GTJ staff (meeting this Sunday). 
  3. Consider making a donation to GTJ. 
Again, thanks, and here’s to another 100 weeks of GTJ!
President, Co-Founder
Gather the Jews

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