Bicontinental Sephardic Shabbat

DC Jews keeping up with news from the Holy Land may have heard about the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh in recent weeks. This suburb of Jerusalem was in the news after acts of religious extremism triggered widespread national protests.  These events, which sparked debates about the meaning of Jewish faith and practice across Israel, also provoked discussions in Jewish communities in DC (see, for example, here.)

This weekend, local Jews will have an opportunity to explore a new angle of Beit Shemesh, when YAD-MD hosts a diverse group of Beit Shemesh residents at a two-night Celebration of Middle Eastern Food & Music at the Magen David Sephardic Synagogue in Rockville, MD.

Friday, January 20th: Shabbat Services and Dinner

Saturday night, January 21st: Hafla. Celebrate the Sephardi cultural traditions of Israel in a night of music and culinary tastings presented by a delegation of Israeli musicians and cooks from Mateh Yehuda-Beit Shemesh. You will enjoy sampling appetizers and desserts, with a musical program that includes a mix of modern, ethnic, and traditional Israeli music. Open Wine Bar included.

Address: 11215 Woodglen Dr, Rockville, MD

Sponsored by MDSC and the Jewish Federation’s Partnership2Gether project of the Jewish Agency


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