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Dear Friend,

There have been good times; there have been less good times.  But Gather the Jews has kept rolling.

For 96 weeks (and counting!) we have provided:

  • An event calendar with all of DC’s young adult Jewish events,
  • News stories on developments in young adult Jewish DC,
  • A forum for commentary on life in young adult Jewish DC,
  • Interviews with over 75 exceptional Jewish guys and 75 amazing Jewish girls,
  • A weekly newsletter highlighting the best of young adult Jewish DC,
  • An informational service for over 2,600 email subscribers and 2,750 weekly website viewers.
If you’ve enjoyed these features, then we’d appreciate it if in you could:
GTJ has taken up a lot of time, but it has been a blast.  Thanks for making Jewish DC an amazing place!

Happy New Year!

Stephen Richer
Gather the Jews

on behalf of the GTJ Leadership Team:

Aaron Wolff
Joshua Kaller
Mike Weinberg
Jodi Tirengel
Noa Levanon
Sara Sidransky

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